Learn Together, Teach Together! - Learn together, teach together.


Learning in programming never stops. Technology evolves at a dizzying pace, and as programmers, we race to keep ourselves up-to-date. Or we learn for the sheer pleasure of learning that cool new technology. Learning is continuous and never ending, and importantly, we learn from each other.

That’s why the structured learning of today just won’t do. Structured learning is ideal for knowledge which is done, dusted and perfected. Where there are “Teachers”, and “Students”. Where every student is presumed to have a uniform approach to learning. strives to change that. It a new learning environment which rethinks education in programming, and is based on the following cornerstones:

  • There are no boundaries between students and teachers. We believe that everyone possesses knowledge that deserves to be shared, and empower everyone to contribute their knowledge and build lessons.
  • The community is wisest. We harness the power of community to help improve learning, and ensure that everyone gets their questions answered.
  • Learning is dynamic. We empower lesson builders with the tools to constantly improve and keep their content fresh based on their own knowledge and inputs from the community.
  • Every student is unique. In, every student learns their own way.
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